The best Beehive box in the industry “The Beekeepers Choice”
Hive Bodies/Supers

Here at Contract Pros we service the commercial beekeeper with any size order of Hive bodies/Brood Chambers.  We offer both commercial and budget Bee boxes in various sizes.
Contract Pros produces  a quality box unlike any other on the market.
Our boxes are manufactured on a quarter million dollar CNC router that is normally used for high precision metal cutting. Therefore the accuracy is within 1/1000th of an inch for a perfect fit.

  • Dado lip closeup
  • New and improved wide handles make for easy lifting.
  • Rounded corners make assembly a breeze.
  • To ensure minimal splitting during assembly, our box is cut with a full top corner on the dado lip.
  • Commercial grade boxes have tight and solid knots. They are very serviceable, strong and functional.
  • We can program our router to cut special sizes. We carry an inventory of standard size boxes.