Honey Super – The honey super is a bottomless topless box that holds the frames where the bees store their honey. The honey supers come in different sizes, usually medium or shallow.  The picture shows a medium honey super.  It is recommended to use a medium or shallow size super for honey, instead of a deep, because honey is very heavy and the supers can be hard to lift when full.  The medium super tends to be the size most beekeepers choose.  You can stack as many honey supers on top of the hive as needed for the honey flow.  I recommend you purchase at least one honey super when starting out.

Honey Super Frames – These are frames that fit inside the honey super for the bees to build wax onto.  You need 10 frames with foundation for a honey super. There are plenty of different foundation types for honey, the basic being wired wax or plastic. Pick one type of foundation for the entire hive and stick with that to start out.  Bees prefer wired wax over plastic, but many beekeepers prefer plastic due to its versatility and ability to stand up against wax moth devastation.